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Mens brains vs Women's brains

How different are Mens and Women's brains?

VERY DIFFERENT!!! You'll find out when keep reading or watch the video below.

In the video below you'll hear how marriage expert Mark Gungor explains the differences between men and women.

He says...

"Men's brains are made up of little boxes and they have a box for everything!

They've got a box for the car

A box for the kids

A box for your mother

Boxes everywhere.

And the rule is the boxes don't touch.

When a man discusses a particular subject they go to that particular box, they:

Pull that box out

They open the box

They discuss only what is in that box

Then they close the box and put it away

being very very careful not to touch any other boxes!

Now the women's brains are very very different from men's brains

The women's brains are made up of a big ball of wire

and everything is connected to everything

it's like the internet superhighway

and it's all driven by energy that we call emotion

It's one of the reasons why women tend to remember everything because if you take an event and you connect it to an emotion it burns in your memory and you can remember it forever

The same thing happens for men it just doesn't happen very often because quite frankly we don't care!!!"

So there you go. A very interesting view of the differences between males and females brains.

One of the things we will cover in your relationship counselling session with me is to understand the masculine / feminine perspectives. Most couples haven't heard about this and find it really uselful.

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