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5 Benefits of Counselling for Depression and Anxiety

Studies have shown that decreased depressive and anxiety symptoms are evident in effective counselling. The overarching decrease in symptoms is the main reason one would initially venture into a counselling environment. The correlation between the reduction of symptoms and improvement in other areas is important to note.

Counselling can improve communication of negative emotions, which can help to elevate mood. Enabling someone to explore their negative emotions and release them in a safe environment allows them to express things that may not be well received by someone who is not a licensed practitioner. Many patients find that once they begin the exploration, more is uncovered about the presenting depression or anxiety.

Coping skills are a long term benefit of entering into counselling for depression and anxiety. Developing a plan to combat the overwhelming negative emotions that accompany these disorders offers many patients a way to continue symptom decreases. Some patients have reported that they can decrease medication with the improvement of coping skills.

Improvement in interpersonal relationships is correlated with a reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety through counselling. Effective counsellors can help their clients improve boundary setting and other forms of self-expression. These improvements lead to more growth in other areas of personal development.

When offered interventions in positive psychology, improved wellbeing can also be a benefit of counselling for depression and anxiety. By adding gratitude and celebrations of what is working well, clients can increase naturally occurring levels of dopamine and serotonin. Interventions that include other people can increase levels of oxytocin as well.

There are many different treatment modalities in counselling for depression and anxiety. As treatment will differ for each person, some have benefitted by reducing symptoms enough to require counselling no longer. Sometimes elimination of symptoms is even possible.

Original source from: Positive Psychology .com HERE



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