I've been studying (and applying) the psychology of human behaviour, personal development, spirituality and alternative techniques for over 25 years.​

I began my career with the love of helping people, studying Holistic healing.  I've always been curious about the mind/heart connection. I wanted to understand more about the cause of dis-ease, instead of just the cure.


I believe that we'll suffer disharmony, dis-ease and stress when our mind, body and spirit is out of balance. As humans we need to be in  harmony to survive and thrive.

I moved on to study Counselling, followed by Human Behaviour, Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Parenting education, Personality profiling, Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming).


I've been working in my own Private practice for most of the past decade. I've also worked for Lifeline, McKillop Family services, Matchworks, Campbell page and contracted for many companies in various roles in the Counselling / Health and wellbeing field. 

One thing I know for sure is that I'm fascinated by Humans and love knowing what makes them tick. 

As an intuitive Counsellor, I can help you move past your pain, hurt and negative thought patterns to let go of the problems and issues you're facing​. Sometimes, it's the things you don't know - that you don't know! And discovering little things (that are really the big things) by talking through and processing your thoughts through counselling, can give you the tools you need to move past your current way of thinking to solve the problems!

I'm compassionate, empathetic and a great listener. I think that because I had a challenging childhood - I know that we are capable of much more than our limiting beliefs. Anyone can turn things around and live a happy life. I'm a local to the area and love the community spirit found in Point Cook. I moved my practice into the Point Cook Town Centre this year to be more accessible to my clients.

The Counselling process is a personal and private relationship so it's really important that you feel comfortable with me as your therapist.


I believe a few things need to happen for the Counselling / Life Coaching process to really work between my clients and myself.

The client must be:

a). ready to let go of the past.

b). open to learn how to do it. 

c) able to move forward by changing things that aren't working anymore. 


In our initial session, you can get an idea if I'm the right Counsellor for you.

I want you to feel safe in knowing that you can confidently trust me with your private matters. 

My qualifications:

  • Psychotherapist / Counsellor

  • Gottman Couples Therapy

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Holistic Healer

  • Personality Profiler

  • Nutrition / Weight Loss therapist

  • Parenting Educator

Professional registration with ACA (Australian Counselling Association).

Member of Counsellors Victoria.

Member of IICT  (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).

I combine CBT with EFT and Person centred Counselling. My therapy is eclectic and very intuitive. 

A little bit more about me...

  • I love to ponder life and it's meanings.

  • I'm in my zone when I'm helping to empower others.

  • I'm an Empath.

  • I love watching the sun rise and set.

  • I dream about the beach.

  • I crave a simplistic life.

  • I love travelling.

  • I'm a Mum of 3 (adult) kids.

  • I've been married for nearly 3 decades.

  • And I love animals. 


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