This is a fantastic program for parents of children who are about to enter their teenage years to help them understand the challenges their children face as they negotiate this critical period in their lives.

ABCD gives you practical information and ideas about how to develop trusting, positive and accepting relationships with your young teenager.


It encourages parents to:

  • communicate with their teenagers

  • be available and responsive to their children

  • be involved in their children’s lives

  • let their children develop their own identity and sense of responsibility.


Children in strong parent-child relationships are more likely to test their responsibility in safe ways, rather than through risky behaviour such as drug use.

The ABCD program offers strategies and ideas to help you learn new skills and build confidence in raising your adolescent.  All ABCD information is designed to help you understand your own approach to parenting and to come up with solutions to any particular problems you are facing. The ABCD program helps you work out ways to strengthen your relationship with your child.  You can also learn strategies to deal with difficult issues such as parties, alcohol and drugs, and dating.

Adolescence is a time of enormous change for children and their parents.


It can be exciting and enjoyable, but also challenging and unpredictable. The ABCD program believes that parents, not professionals, are best placed to make decisions about their children and family life. After all, parents know their children better than anyone else and are the only ones who can say whether strategies or solutions proposed by the program are possible or practical in their situation.

ABCD aims to provide information and ideas that can help parents decide on an approach to parenting their own adolescents and to come up with solutions to problems. The ABCD program is based on the principle of respect for the values and goals of families. All families are different and parents have different values and priorities. Rather than tell you what you should be aiming for, the program offers strategies that you can use to meet your own goals.

Tips and helpful information are provided as suggestions rather than instructions – it’s up to you to choose what you will take up and use.


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